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Cacosmie, fragant painting

    Cacosmia is a smell disorder characterized by an unpleasant smell sensation. This distortion of the perception makes the person affected smell something different from what is actually present in the environment (imaginary odors).

    Thus, inside the still-life paintings room of the museum, I chose to propose a dialogue between paintings and their potential smell. For each work of art an olfactory plinth is associated. Does this aroma match what I see? What memories does it remind me of? What sensations come out of it?

    quel est notre rapport à l'odeur


    olfactif decouverte tableaux


    This installation is the first step of an ongoing research project. It focuses on different ways of diffusing perfume and how smell can create an olfactory spatial environment. Indeed, smell is an impalpable element that completely modifies the perception of the spectators. I was able to experiment it in an immersive way with the Laboratoire Tararin.

    Installation designed for the European Museum Night on May 19 2018, in the Fine Arts Museum of Strasbourg, in partnership with HEAR (higher education School in Visual Arts).


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