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Laboratoire Tararin, a multitude of ‘possibles’ is facing you!

    Don’t have any expectations, a multitude of ‘possibles’ is facing you! If you make up your mind.

    premier rideau du laboratoire tararin, traverser
    June 2019, PSSST ! Festival, HEAR, Strasbourg ©Clémence CHIRON


    Spectators of Laboratoire Tararin are immersed -between feelings of floating and daydream, in a poetic and sensitive “Room of One’s Own” (through touch, smell, hearing…).

    During their wander, they can perceive the sound of objects talking (hammers, nails, yarns, chalks…). These tools -connected with each other, are those of the set designer. They weave a thread that builds a break time. Each spectator is free to allow himself -or not, to create his own sensory story, combining chance with the unexpected of what he feels. This personal continuously transforms itself according to the performers micro-actions and the other spectators’ movement.




    tissu doux texte à lire
    Juin 2019, PSSST ! Festival, HEAR, Strasbourg ©Alexandre SCHLUB


    laboratoire tararin fenetre a travers la fenetre
    Juin 2019, PSSST ! Festival, HEAR, Strasbourg ©Clémence CHIRON


    Laboratoire Tararin is a performance that explores expectations we have on a show.

    In this way, it develops the immersion process in a show by working on the audience attention and their potential participation. Happening on a human scale, this performance is intended to be funny and joyful. By suggesting spectators to question their Room of One’s Own, this show looks at the way we create our own banned and the moment we give up on them.

    The Laboratoire Tararin is developing from now on in the form of micro-spaces to play with, inspired by a Vendéen dialect dictionary written by Pierre THIBAUDEAU. Find out soon about this ongoing exploration on the dedicated website:


    tisser le fil du laboratoire tararin
    Juin 2019, PSSST ! Festival, HEAR, Strasbourg ©Clémence CHIRON


    composer tisser manipuler calder
    Juin 2019, PSSST ! Festival, HEAR, Strasbourg ©Alexandre SCHLUB


    Show created in June 2019 for Clémence CHIRON’s DNSEP Postgraduate degree at HEAR (higher education School in Visual Arts). It was also played during the PSSST! Festival organized by 23BIS association in Strasbourg, France.

    It won the SAS 3B Scenography Award issued by Aude ASTIER (lecturer in theater studies at the University of Strasbourg), Barbara ENGELHARDT (director of Le Maillon, Strasbourg’s European Stage), Julika MAYER (puppeteer and professor at HMDK School in Stuttgart, Germany), Marguerite BORDAT (scenographer) and François DUCONSEILLE (scenographer and teacher at HEAR, Haute école des arts du Rhin in Strasbourg, France).


    20 minutes show


    Creation, scenography and conception: Clémence CHIRON

    Sound design arranged live by: Anna LAMSFUSS

    Activators/ performers (in shifts): Amélie BULTIES, Jeanne DERIGNY, Mélissa LECHEA, Lucie MAO, Margaux MICHEL, Clothilde VALETTE, Sibylle VIDALAINQ and Clémence CHIRON

    Staging assistant: Margaux MICHEL

    Critical feedback: Lucie EUZET

    Building and set design assistants: Jeanne DERIGNY, Sibylle VIDALAINQ, Amélie BULTIES, and Anna LAMSFUSS

    Thanks to Charles-Henri LIEGEARD and the Printcubator team for their advice and their textile printing work.

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