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The ambulatory of waves

    How can I talk to you about this relationship? It is so strong. We are both objects, objects in contact that keep merging as if we were necessarily bound.

    I love to describe this connection, to tell you how our bodies are touching one another, how our feelings intertwine, run riot and become empty. I want to question what we are and what this relation tells about us.


    This set design is made of seven “telephonic mobile perfusions’’. These are luminous and autonomous supports, activated by the dancers. This show questions Smartphone addiction and its “second brain” role in our life. It also deals with religion, loneliness, individualism, sense of perfection and gender relations.

    10 minutes show played on April 13 and 14 2017 in Les Subsistances, in Lyon (France).

    Co-creation with four dancers and one composer of Lyon’s CNSMD (National Superior Music and Dance Conservatory)


    Choregraphy and performers: Éva AUBIGNY, Margaux HUCHARD, Clara NOUGUE-CAZENAVE, and Thibault ROUSSELET

    Musical composition: Thibault COHADE

    Set design: Clémence CHIRON

    Poem read by the machine: Clémence CHIRON

    Photography: Lu HAN


    Advice and critical eye: Euan BURNET-SMITH and Juliette BEAUVICHE

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